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August 07, 2003



Good stuff,Pat. I've been thinking about blogging myself but you've already outdone me so I won't even bother trying. Or maybe I will.
I liked your book reviews. I've read No Logo and it was excellent,wasn't it? Got me all pissed off at the state of the planet. It's important to get angered once in a while.
Have a good trip back,by the way. I'll check out Heartland one of these days. I went to Roppongi Hills the other day and found it hideously overpriced. The Indonesian restaurant had amazing organically fed chicken but the portions couldn't choke a mouse.
See you in September,dude.
Oh. I've been meaning to check Wilco out one of these days. You've given me more reason.


Hey Don, glad you liked it. I imagine that the book reviews are probably the least read entires. I agree that Roppongi Hills is basiclaly for the birds, the ones who can afford to live in the husing complex. As for Wilco you can't go wrong, but I think Yankee Foxtrot Hotel is my favorite right now, but I got into them with AM, which is more mainstream rockish album-perhaps more your bag?

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