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July 11, 2003



nice wiki, pat. can you post photos of cute japanese chicks?


Women's college?
Shower in the kitchen?
Communal shower in the kitchen?
Women's college?
Thanks for the update, Pat. It is good to hear from you. Sounds like you made a good move for yourself. I had no idea it was so expensive to live in Japan. Go Ichiro.

Lou Ford

Are you saying I'm going to be stuck in a 70's neighborhood when I come to visit? I live in West Seattle already. You promised me a "communal" men's shower. How's that gym?


Glad I got to visit the Harijuku party pad when I did. Your going to miss being able to scramble eggs while you are in the shower. Does this mean you actually have a toilet instead of an indentation in the floor? Glad to hear you have a guest room - I'll be back. Will you still be able to get to and from Gas Panick? Speaking of which, how about a log entry (including pics) of a night at the Panick?



I found your journal in a google search. It brought back memories of my time in Japan. I had forgotten all about that key money and racial dicrimination thing at the real estate agencies. I am looking for a good source (in English) that describes the history and present-day character of the Myogadani neighborhood. Can you recommend anything?
--Amy C.

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