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March 22, 2005



The concept of Giri/On and Gimu represents a complex topic. This, is perhaps, not the most proper explination. That being said Giri/On and Gimu can NOT be explained. This is a concept that must be felt. The closes one may come is in the recognition of Giri/On as a repayable debt and the repayment of this debt (debt here, not meaning financial, but social). Gimu, regardless of the attempt made by the person who has incured the debt or favor, can NEVER be repaid. To take on Gimu is to recieve something by which you may never truely repay. A reference would be your parents, who having sacrificed their own hopes and dreams, have provided you with a college education. That is a debt you can NOT repay them...

Japanese dojo and a true Sensei Deshi relationship is a good place to learn about, and take upon yourself, gimu.

Mañuel Laver

But what happens with regard to sociopathy without those restraints? ('Leave shame at the water's edge.') Consider the traditional treatment of honour-less peasants by samurai, of Chinese people in Nanjing, of Koreans in their own country—or in the Chinese case, the insane violence of the Cultural Revolution?

(Of course, the West has its own record of atrocity against designated victim classes....)

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